Waffling on………….

How appropriate for Valentine’s Day – heart shaped waffles made with love. I say ‘made with love’ as I absolutely love my waffle iron. Made from heavy cast iron, it is my favourite piece of kitchen equipment. I love the fact that this was once owned by my Grandmother, who I sadly never met. It then travelled with my mother when she left Sweden to make … Continue reading Waffling on………….

Coconut ‘Slush’ Granita

One question I am often asked is, what to serve for a dessert after a spicy meal. Inspired by last week’s snowy weather I made a coconut, lime & mint granita for such an occasion. You will find this dessert works well as coconut is widely used in many curries, especially Asian style. It also has an amazing cooling effect while the lime and mint … Continue reading Coconut ‘Slush’ Granita

Divine Diva Dining

You certainly can’t upstage the fantastic ‘Diva Cooking’ book by the wonderful Victoria Blashford-Snell and Jennifer Joyce. As the title suggests it is without doubt ‘unashamedly glamorous party food’. Just before Christmas the Wooden Spoon Club put this to the test and thoroughly enjoyed an exquisite meal which got everyone’s festive seasons off to a super start. Having already been a huge fan of the … Continue reading Divine Diva Dining

Biscotti Biscotti

This twice baked biscuit from Italy is a Christmas classic in my house. Perfect to dip in coffee, hot chocolate or even mulled wine. Follow the recipe below and experiment with extra ingredients of your choice (totalling approximately 150g). Here are my two favourites, Hazelnut & Orange and Dark Chocolate, Cherry & Almond. Store in an airtight container and have them at the ready for … Continue reading Biscotti Biscotti

Delicious Delicious

For our last meeting we turned to ‘Delicious’ magazine. Some of us selected from the magazine’s on-line collection (here) but most of us opted for the current issue. Since we met on October 1st the recipes came from the September issue. What we liked was, unlike other magazines, ‘Delicious’ is only available during the current calendar month and sales thus start on the first. Other magazines … Continue reading Delicious Delicious