7 Day Breakfast Flower – mornings made simple

I want to start my Blog exactly how I start my day, which is with a simple and scrumptious breakfast. There is nothing I find more annoying than a diet plan which suggests a wide variety of different breakfasts for you with a new option each day  from poached eggs with kippers to crushed caramelised grapefruit segments with granola – who has time for that? Make your life easy and keep to a basic formula with a variety of flavour options.  In the picture you will see I use a base of homemade rice pudding which could easily be substituted with porridge. Choose the quantity that satisfies your hunger and vary your mornings with quick and delicious toppings. 

You can easily prepare the rice pudding in advance and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. I try to cook mine when the oven is on anyway. It’s so easy and it is perfect to adapt to vegan requirements.  Simply preheat the oven to 150°c, butter or oil a 1.5 litre ovenproof dish and add 100g pudding rice and 1.2 litres of  the milk of your choice. Stir, then place in the oven for 1 hour 30 minutes (up to 2 hours if you prefer a thicker consistency). Make sure you stir after the first 30 minutes to prevent the rice sticking to the bottom of the dish. Cool, remove the skin that has formed and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days maximum. Remove the amount you want and reheat either in a bowl in a microwave or in a pan on the stove. Note: make sure it is piping hot as rice can harbour bacteria.

Suggested Toppings: Here’s the exciting bit with enough options to last a week. In the picture starting with the right hand side working your way to the middle you will find the following…….

  • Chopped pear, blueberries, ground ginger and toasted almonds
  • Sliced banana, chopped walnuts or pecan nuts drizzled with maple syrup
  • Turmeric, raspberry and chopped dried apricots
  • Grated apple, ground cinnamon, chopped dates
  • Chopped fresh mango, cardamom and desiccated coconut
  • Cocoa/cacao, segmented orange and cacao nibs
  • Fruits of the forest compote infused with cinnamon (gently poach 500g frozen mixed berries with 1 Tbsp maple syrup or honey and simmer for 10 minutes adding a cinnamon stick too. Leave in an airtight container overnight in the fridge and use as required

Bonus: For added goodness why not sprinkle with chopped seeds – make your own by using sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds – place in a food processor and whizz until chopped small. Stir in some chia seeds afterwards and store in an air tight container in the fridge. Note: It is important to chop seeds in order to access their rich Omega 3 oils otherwise they will pass straight through you as fibre.


Seven Good Mornings!











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