Feed all about it……..start a Cook Club instead of a Book Club

If you’re not keen on reading, especially other people’s choice of fiction, why not enjoy reviewing chefs and their recipes with your friends. Ideally, eight willing participants work best but no more. Decide how often you want to meet. My group meets once every two months which fits in well with everyone’s commitments. Then we take it in turns to host. The host then gets to choose which chef to review. Two people select and cook a starter, two a main, two a side dish and the last two cook a dessert. Everyone cooks their chosen dish for four, thus there will be enough for the complete party of eight.
On the night the host provides the drinks for all, then everyone enjoys and discusses the group’s recipes pre-prepared for each course. We never let on beforehand what we are cooking, however, every time the meal seems to coordinate perfectly, which when you think about it, it should as the recipes are by the same chef and have their unique style. Only twice we have had duplicates which both happened the same night. This was our Keith Floyd evening which was probably due to few recipes by him available on line. Still, ‘Greek Mushrooms’ twice were divine, as were double portions of his ‘Pears in Red Wine’.
So far, we have also explored Jamie Oliver, Tom Kerridge, Bill Granger, Yotham Ottolenghi, Nigel Slater, Mary Berry, Gino D’Acampo, Nigella Lawson and Marco Pierre White. All have been triumphs and the best thing of all is trying recipes you wouldn’t normally prepare and of course, catching up with friends with super suppers midweek.
Finally, you may wonder how we choose who cooks which course for the next evening meeting. This is very simple, we have a jar of wooden spoons which are placed in a kilner jar filled with chickpeas to conceal the spoon handles which are inscribed with each course (see photo) – so it is quite simply pot luck who cooks what. Lastly, you need to name your group for us it’s ‘The Wooden Spoon Cub’. Our next meal is vegan, so fashionable for 2018. This time it’s our own choice of chef so let’s hope it coordinates!

2 thoughts on “Feed all about it……..start a Cook Club instead of a Book Club

  1. Very good Helen! Sounds like lots of fun…
    I can hear describing your club as if you were speaking..

    This how I see it in my email feed..
    I can’t ‘like it’ without signing up to WordPress too and I can’t comment without having my own website I’m afraid


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