Delicious Delicious

For our last meeting we turned to ‘Delicious’ magazine. Some of us selected from the magazine’s on-line collection (here) but most of us opted for the current issue. Since we met on October 1st the recipes came from the September issue. What we liked was, unlike other magazines, ‘Delicious’ is only available during the current calendar month and sales thus start on the first. Other magazines are often a week or so ahead and sell out before you remember what month it is.

Starter: (only one as one member absent)

* Prawn Tacos with Guacamole & Pickled Red Cabbage

starter prawn.jpg


* Spiced Mushroom Moussaka with Halloumi Béchamel

* Roasted Baby Aubergine with Tomatoes & Pine Nuts



* Middle Eastern Rice Salad
* Roasted Radishes with Anchovy Butter



* Plum & Sloe Gin Nut Crumble
* Pine Nut Cake with Olive Oil
plum crumblecake.jpg


Overall Conclusion:

The photos really don’t do these dishes justice. They were all ’Delicious’ and easy to prepare. Since the recipes are not all by the same chef/cook they worked surprisingly well together. This, I conclude is the result of the high-quality content of the magazine, with well-chosen recipes tested to the full. The magazine on the whole has plenty of interesting culinary information with the recipes using seasonal ingredients cooked with new and exciting twists. For example, we were all deeply impressed by the roasted radishes, none of us had ever cooked or even thought to cook this salad staple before. I personally cooked the Plum & Sloe Gin Nut Crumble, mainly because I had finally I found a worthy recipe to use my mother-in-law’s homemade sloe gin. I say finally as she left this world some 24 years ago! It was superb and just goes to show all good things come to those who wait.

I am now counting down to the first day of every month…….. I can’t wait for next week’s December copy for Christmas inspiration for new ideas on our traditional feast.

Next Meeting:  Just before Christmas we will enjoy a meal with recipes by Victoria Blashford-Snell. If her ‘Diva Cooking’ book is anything to go by we really are in for an ‘unashamedly glamorous party’.




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