Divine Diva Dining

You certainly can’t upstage the fantastic ‘Diva Cooking’ book by the wonderful Victoria Blashford-Snell and Jennifer Joyce. As the title suggests it is without doubt ‘unashamedly glamorous party food’. Just before Christmas the Wooden Spoon Club put this to the test and thoroughly enjoyed an exquisite meal which got everyone’s festive seasons off to a super start. Having already been a huge fan of the book for at least the last 10 years, I knew we were in for a treat and unsurprisingly the rest of the group are now also devoted followers of these easy to follow gorgeous recipes which make a domestic goddess out of every host.


VB start 1.jpg   VB start 2

* Goat’s cheese baked in a spicy tomato sauce with garlic crostini

* Caramelised red onion and fennel tarte tatin with olives and thyme

VB Main 1.jpg  VB main 2


* Grilled Indonesian coconut chicken

* Gingered beef with honey and prunes


VB side 1.jpg*VB side 2.jpg

*  Caramelised new potatoes with tomato and soy

* Soba noodle salad with roasted aubergine and soy-balsamic dressing


VB pud 1.jpg   VB Pud 2.jpg

* Fresh fig and plum tarte tatin with hot fudge sauce

* Cinnamon pavlovas with caramelised apples and blackberries


Overall Conclusion

The only problem with this meal is now everyone in the group knows my favourite cookery book!! Seriously, I am delighted they are now divas in the kitchen and can enjoy the endlessly effortless entertaining this book provides. The book also gives helpful hints on how to combine menus and every recipe comes with useful tips and notes on pre-preparation to give the host plenty of time to enjoy their glamorous creations too. If you have not bought this book already – go buy it!! For the meal, I personally prepared the caramelised red onion and fennel tarte tatin with olives and thyme – it took no time at all and was easy to prepare in advance. It worked very well as a starter with rocket on the side and would be very good for a light lunch with salad or even as part of a picnic too.

Thank you, Victoria & Jennifer, for adding culinary sparkle to our cooking. For our next evening we will encounter Russel Norman, the restaurateur, broadcaster and founder of the POLPO group of restaurants.


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