Revision time… quick fix chocolate mug cake

This time of year, is particularly hard for those revising for exams. Every minute of the day seems to be robbed from them – if they are not revising, they are feeling guilty that they are not and if they are, they are on the brink of total boredom. We have all been there and deep down we know it’s just a passage of time leading to greater things.  So, if you are such a person and need of a much-deserved break – let me steal you away to the kitchen. Don’t worry this won’t take long nor cost a fortune. This will be just the fix you need to get you refocused.

Using store cupboard ingredients – you just need a mug, a tablespoon and a fork so get cracking and a hot super chocolatey cake will be yours in just 3 minutes, enough time to boil a kettle and make a cuppa too. Now back to work you go…….GOOD LUCK!!!



45ml (3 tbsp) self-raising flour

45ml (3 tbsp) caster sugar

30ml (2 tbsp) cocoa

1 egg

30ml (2 tbsp) milk

30ml (2 tbsp) sunflower oil

*optional extra – add a mini mars bar to the centre of the mixture before microwaving for a little surprise!



  1. Add dry ingredients to a large mug (at least 300ml in size). Mix to combine.
  2. Add the egg, milk and oil and mix very thoroughly with a fork making sure

there are no lumps or dry bits – ensure you mix right to the bottom sides of the mug.

  1. Place mug in microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes – ENJOY! Sprinkle with icing sugar if desired.


SURPRISE – with added Mars Bar below:

mug mars.jpg



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