About me

I have loved cooking since I could first stand on a chair and stir a saucepan on the stove. Everything I do revolves around the kitchen. Indeed, I am so obsessed with food I named two of my children after herbs. Basil and Angelica will grow to love their names I am sure! Every pet I have owned has also been given a culinary name and hence I have named this blog after Treacle, my sweet black Labrador.

I studied Home Economics in Liverpool back in the eighties and went on to be a Food Stylist working for magazines in London, then full time for a cookery book publisher, recipe testing and preparing food for photographs. We completed a book every two weeks many with my lovely hands in the step-by-step pictures. I continued to work in Food media when I moved to South Africa in the nineties and found myself preparing food for TV commercials.

Having enjoyed travelling and living in Australia and Malaysia too, I returned home to the UK to become a mother of three. After managing the daily school run with my children, I returned to education and trained to be a Food Technology teacher. I spent 7 years delivering the national curriculum on Food whilst writing and delivering my own cookery courses. It is through this blog that I would like to share my easy to follow, healthy and creative recipes and ideas which families and individuals can enjoy and indeed master to make cooking at home an easy and rewarding experience. Many of my other foodie interests will be explored too.

Please read, experiment, cook and eat with me….