Savouring the muffin

My present muffin craze it still going, this time I have created a savoury muffin which is perfect for picnics, brunches or simply lunch on the go. Feel free to change the additional ingredients and toppings to suit your own taste. Ingredients: 125g self-raising flour 125g wholemeal flour 7.5ml (1 1/2 tsp) baking powder Pinch of salt 100g grated cheese 2 eggs 200ml milk 85ml … Continue reading Savouring the muffin

Pancake Perfection

Spring is yet again upon us and as always at this time of year we ready ourselves for the season of Lent. This starts immediately¬†after Shrove Tuesday which, as always, is celebrated with the humble pancake. Although once regarded as a way to use up rich foods, we now consider the pancake as a simple yet delicious¬†treat. Tomorrow up and down the country people will … Continue reading Pancake Perfection

Waffling on………….

How appropriate for Valentine’s Day – heart shaped waffles made with love. I say ‘made with love’ as I absolutely love my waffle iron. Made from heavy cast iron, it is my favourite piece of kitchen equipment. I love the fact that this was once owned by my Grandmother, who I sadly never met. It then travelled with my mother when she left Sweden to make … Continue reading Waffling on………….

Pure Apple Puree

I am on a roll with food for free this autumn. A friend kindly brought round a basket of windfall apples and inspired me to pick some from my own back garden! Thinking back to my childhood and remembering my mother baking apples in a roasting tin and then squashing them though a food mill, I decided to have ago myself. For an even easier … Continue reading Pure Apple Puree