Caramelised Pineapple & Coconut Cookies

To finish my Caribbean feast (previous post) something is needed to cool the taste buds and keep you in the tropics. The perfect answer is this quick and easy caramelised pineapple laced with rum. For added crunch serve with my coconut and lime cookies, although not a traditional extra they add a delightful bite to this dessert. Either serve with coconut ice cream or as … Continue reading Caramelised Pineapple & Coconut Cookies

Traditional Seer Green Cherry Pies

With Spring officially starting this week, the cherry trees near me are starting to blossom. If you are lucky enough to visit the Chilterns in the UK, you will see for yourself how beautiful the area is at this time of year. In fact, you can find out all about it in a new travel guide by Bradt books (link here)  I am delighted to … Continue reading Traditional Seer Green Cherry Pies

A Cake fit for a Princess

As it was my mother’s birthday just a couple of days ago, it seems appropriate to post this recipe of her favourite cake, Princesstårta (Princess Torte) also known as ‘Green Cake’. In Sweden it is seen as a national delicacy and is served all over the country in nearly every restaurant/cafe you come across. It can be eaten as part of the Swedish daily ritual … Continue reading A Cake fit for a Princess

From Sri Lanka with Love Cake

Having been fortunate enough to have travelled to Sri Lanka more than once and to have been entertained in local homes, I have fallen in love with the country and its people. Food there is prepared from fresh very early every morning with great care and attention using only local ingredients. One lovely memory whilst there was eating fresh cashew nuts by the side of … Continue reading From Sri Lanka with Love Cake

Coconut ‘Slush’ Granita

One question I am often asked is, what to serve for a dessert after a spicy meal. Inspired by last week’s snowy weather I made a coconut, lime & mint granita for such an occasion. You will find this dessert works well as coconut is widely used in many curries, especially Asian style. It also has an amazing cooling effect while the lime and mint … Continue reading Coconut ‘Slush’ Granita

Pure Apple Puree

I am on a roll with food for free this autumn. A friend kindly brought round a basket of windfall apples and inspired me to pick some from my own back garden! Thinking back to my childhood and remembering my mother baking apples in a roasting tin and then squashing them though a food mill, I decided to have ago myself. For an even easier … Continue reading Pure Apple Puree

Fruity Clafoutis

So delicious and so very French – make this dreamy, creamy pudding your own by adding the soft fruit of your choice and a little liqueur to give it that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’. Serve warm and enjoy, Bon Appétit! Ingredients A little soft butter and caster sugar to grease and prepare the dish 400g soft fruit – feature picture pitted cherries 30ml (2 … Continue reading Fruity Clafoutis

Raspberry (Strawberry) Meringue Cake

This is my signature dessert for sure. It’s an absolute crowd pleaser and so simple to make. Either prepare one cake and slice it in two and sandwich together or make two cakes and sandwich both together for a larger version. The egg yolks are used to make the sponge base and the egg whites are then whipped to make the meringue topping, they then … Continue reading Raspberry (Strawberry) Meringue Cake