Petite Ratatouille

I have given the French classic, ratatouille, a makeover. Having got tired with it in the past for being an over cooked and mushy side dish, I have set about developing my own recipe which not only looks far more appetising, it has bite and is super easy to make in advance. The vegetables are chopped small and oven roasted in batches while you make … Continue reading Petite Ratatouille

Caramelised Pineapple & Coconut Cookies

To finish my Caribbean feast (previous post) something is needed to cool the taste buds and keep you in the tropics. The perfect answer is this quick and easy caramelised pineapple laced with rum. For added crunch serve with my coconut and lime cookies, although not a traditional extra they add a delightful bite to this dessert. Either serve with coconut ice cream or as … Continue reading Caramelised Pineapple & Coconut Cookies

Hey Pesto…….!

Those of you who have already read my ‘About Me’ page will know how much I love Basil, if he was ever naughty he was indeed called ‘Pest-o’! Basil is without doubt the undisputed king of herbs, big in leaf and big in flavour. Pesto makes full use of basil by giving it and it’s dishes the full-blooded royal treatment it deserves. Always perfect with … Continue reading Hey Pesto…….!

Courgette Fritters

Why not enjoy the last remaining days of sunshine this September by making these delicious Courgette Fritters? They are perfect for using up a glut of this gorgeous vegetable. The recipe is easy to multiply; even so I suggest using a box grater instead of a food processor otherwise the mixture will become too watery. Also make and fry immediately, as the mixture will become too … Continue reading Courgette Fritters

Fruity Clafoutis

So delicious and so very French – make this dreamy, creamy pudding your own by adding the soft fruit of your choice and a little liqueur to give it that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’. Serve warm and enjoy, Bon Appétit! Ingredients A little soft butter and caster sugar to grease and prepare the dish 400g soft fruit – feature picture pitted cherries 30ml (2 … Continue reading Fruity Clafoutis

Salad Niçoise pour deux or perhaps four or more….

Maybe you are having a romantic lunch for two this bank holiday or perhaps you want to feed a few more with an end of summer barbecue. Either way, this refreshing salad is easy to multiply, just line up the plates and get a tasty production line going. If you’re feeling flushed, then go for fresh tuna grilled or barbecued otherwise tinned or from a … Continue reading Salad Niçoise pour deux or perhaps four or more….

Pissaladière …. how I love to say the name of this!

Pissaladière: I am always giddy with excitement when I make this French onion classic. It’s a cross between a tart and a pizza, and absolutely perfect as a starter or a light lunch. An easy canapé too –  just cut it into small squares and serve. Voilà! Ingredients: Dough:                                             250g strong plain flour 2.5ml (½ tsp) salt 2.5ml (½ tsp) sugar 10ml (2 … Continue reading Pissaladière …. how I love to say the name of this!