Discovering Russell Norman

The first Wooden Spoon Club meeting for 2019 was a whole new discovery for me. Russell Norman, the award-winning restaurateur, writer and broadcaster was put to the test and wow what an impression he made. I have to admit I had never heard of him before and having just culled my rather large cookery book collection, I was reluctant to buy any new books, so I … Continue reading Discovering Russell Norman

Divine Diva Dining

You certainly can’t upstage the fantastic ‘Diva Cooking’ book by the wonderful Victoria Blashford-Snell and Jennifer Joyce. As the title suggests it is without doubt ‘unashamedly glamorous party food’. Just before Christmas the Wooden Spoon Club put this to the test and thoroughly enjoyed an exquisite meal which got everyone’s festive seasons off to a super start. Having already been a huge fan of the … Continue reading Divine Diva Dining

Delicious Delicious

For our last meeting we turned to ‘Delicious’ magazine. Some of us selected from the magazine’s on-line collection (here) but most of us opted for the current issue. Since we met on October 1st the recipes came from the September issue. What we liked was, unlike other magazines, ‘Delicious’ is only available during the current calendar month and sales thus start on the first. Other magazines … Continue reading Delicious Delicious

‘F’ for Fantastic Gordon Ramsay …. ‘F’ for Fennel, Feta & Football too!

The Wooden Spoon Club put the ‘F’ Word Chef to the test last time we met and sure enough ‘F’ turned out to be for Fantastic Gordon Ramsay. His so-called foul-mouthed persona certainly didn’t come out in his food. In July we sat down to a fine feast full of fennel & feta, while football dominated the conversation as the World Cup was in full … Continue reading ‘F’ for Fantastic Gordon Ramsay …. ‘F’ for Fennel, Feta & Football too!