Courgette Fritters

Why not enjoy the last remaining days of sunshine this September by making these delicious Courgette Fritters? They are perfect for using up a glut of this gorgeous vegetable. The recipe is easy to multiply; even so I suggest using a box grater instead of a food processor otherwise the mixture will become too watery. Also make and fry immediately, as the mixture will become too … Continue reading Courgette Fritters

Pissaladière …. how I love to say the name of this!

Pissaladière: I am always giddy with excitement when I make this French onion classic. It’s a cross between a tart and a pizza, and absolutely perfect as a starter or a light lunch. An easy canapé too –  just cut it into small squares and serve. Voilà! Ingredients: Dough:                                             250g strong plain flour 2.5ml (½ tsp) salt 2.5ml (½ tsp) sugar 10ml (2 … Continue reading Pissaladière …. how I love to say the name of this!

Double Dipping…..Hummus & Guacamole

You will certainly be coming back for a second dip with these two delightful pools of savoury yumminess. Make sure you flip your dipper over to the clean side before you dive in for more. There are a million recipes for each of these already but here are my versions of ‘Hummus’ the chick pea classic and ‘Guacamole’ the cream of avocado. Both are easy … Continue reading Double Dipping…..Hummus & Guacamole