Keep them peeled

Crispy potato peels…….waste not want not! Keep the planet happy by making use of otherwise discarded potato peelings. Simply wash, dry, season and bake so no wasting any oil frying either. Full of fibre and with far less calories than crisps, these nibbles are a total winner. Pour a drink & tuck in! Ingredients: 300g potato peelings 30ml (2Tbsp) olive oil 5ml (1 tsp) smoked … Continue reading Keep them peeled

Homemade Pasta (with Porcini)

Simplicity is the key to a good pasta dish, with few ingredients you can have a truly magical meal. Good quality pasta is essential. As a rule, when buying pasta, go for the more expensive brands as it’s a cheap ingredient and won’t harm the budget. However, one step better is to make your own and it is super easy and quick if you have … Continue reading Homemade Pasta (with Porcini)