Pancake Perfection

Spring is yet again upon us and as always at this time of year we ready ourselves for the season of Lent. This starts immediately¬†after Shrove Tuesday which, as always, is celebrated with the humble pancake. Although once regarded as a way to use up rich foods, we now consider the pancake as a simple yet delicious¬†treat. Tomorrow up and down the country people will … Continue reading Pancake Perfection

Waffling on………….

How appropriate for Valentine’s Day – heart shaped waffles made with love. I say ‘made with love’ as I absolutely love my waffle iron. Made from heavy cast iron, it is my favourite piece of kitchen equipment. I love the fact that this was once owned by my Grandmother, who I sadly never met. It then travelled with my mother when she left Sweden to make … Continue reading Waffling on………….