Wild for Garlic

Spring has certainly sprung with blossoms and flowers everywhere, both youthful and beautiful with the sweetest of smells. However, there is another more pungent scent to be found at this time, especially in open woodlands. It’s wild garlic, it is savoury without being overpowering and is so enticing to pick. Small handfuls are enough to add flavour to your dishes, as well as vibrant hues … Continue reading Wild for Garlic

Beetroot Lasagne totally beats the meat

With those big purple beetroots taking over the allotments right now – make good use of them with this perfect alternative to meat. Their juicy cooked texture along with their rich colour will persuade any deep-rooted omnivore to make veg their preference. Use any cheese you like to add depth, alternatively go all out and make it vegan with non-dairy alternatives and egg free pasta. … Continue reading Beetroot Lasagne totally beats the meat